What if I told you that, in reality, over 60% of your social media ads spend is actually going to waste

And you might not even be aware!

Don’t worry, though.

I’m going to show you how to identify this loophole in your ads and show you how to solve this problem.

The easiest way to flush hard-earned business capital down the drain is to…

Run poorly targeted social media ads (whether Facebook ads, Instagram ads or google ads)

It’s like losing the race before it even begins.

There’s nothing worse than showing your ads to an uninterested audience and the sad thing is, you might not even know that you are.


Here is what you get :

Industry Specific Targeting Options

No matter Your industry, our system will generate for you 300+ targeting options specific to your industry that you can use to reach your Ideal Premium Clients

Super L Formulae

To make your audience perform better, I will layer your audiences into 3 sections and attach a video of how you can replicate the layering in the facebook Ad manager.

300+ Targeting Interest & Behaviours

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Platform Independent

The set of targeting options generated for you can be used with both facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

1.Decide this resource is too expensive, then go ahead and run your next ad wasting more than N4,999 on adspend that do not convert
2. Buy this targeting option bundle now and increase your chance of getting better conversions by at least 5

Let me paint you a picture:

Assuming there are 2 fashion brands selling 9 to 5 wears for women.

AD 1: Shows beautiful models wearing the most beautiful and affordable dresses, but 80% of the ads are seen by women who are housewives and stay-at-home mums.

AD 2: Fairly attractive models and averagely beautiful work dresses. However, 80% of the ads are shown to millennial women who have 9 to 5 Jobs and desire to look good at work.


You guessed right, AD 2 would generate more revenue and buying customers.



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Dear business owner,

Your ads are not meant for every internet user, except, you’d rather continue wasting ad spend that could be used in targeting more potential buyers.

With laser-targeted ads, you spend less to get your ads in front of the people that are most interested in your product.

Proper targeting helps you to achieve two greats results simultaneously:

  1. Earn more profits by spending less on social media ads.
  2. Generate more income by showing your ads to your ideal customers.

How then do you tell if you are running poorly targeted ads?

  • You barely make any profits from your ad spend, yet your competitors are hitting it hard and smiling to the bank.
  • Your target audience is too wide, anything larger than a million or two indicates that you have not been able to screen your audience to maximize your ad spend.
  • You are yet to master how to interpret your ideal customers’ interests and behaviours and then use them to determine who sees your add.

Now, to the solution…

To be able to adequately run targeted ads that will help minimize your ad spend while bringing in more buying customers, there are things you have to become familiar with. 

  1. Your customers’ interests.
  2. Your customers’ behaviours.
  3. A step-by-step guideline on how to apply these data to run highly successful ad campaigns.

The good news is…

You don’t have to bother yourself about how to generate all that data.

I have done all the hard-work for you. 

From my over 9 years of running social media ads, I have put together a spreadsheet resource for almost all industries imaginable. 

This resource is very suitable when running all kinds of ads, could be Facebook ads or Instagram ads or google ads.

Either way…

This would help you show your ads to your ideal, premium clients. 

With, at least, over 300 interests and Behaviours for each industry section .

I didn’t stop at that.

I also added a free video of how you can use this spreadsheet and apply my Super “L” Formula. 

When you use these targeting options, it brings out the absolute best audience.

So, if you:

  •  Are tired of wasting unnecessary money on your ads due to lack of experience.
  • Would like to run your ads in a way that helps you save more money and get better results.
  • Are not satisfied with the level of success of your ad campaigns and would like to take your ad game to the next level.

Then, this is the solution to your problems.

With a single purchase of my Spreadsheet + Video guide + Super “L” formula package.

Running highly successful, targeted ads would never be a problem again.

This whole package Originally sells at N10,000.

But im giving you a deal of 50% Off, but only if you grab it within the next 24 Hours …

If you make your purchase early enough, you pay just N4,999.

After that, it goes back up to the normal price.

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Over the past 10 years, I have deployed Applications (Web & Mobile) & Technical Marketing systems  across several industries ranging from Banks to Small Business owners. 

I Lead a Team of other technical & Marketing Experts at her firm, Marketzone E Services LTD.

I am also passionate about craftworks & has over 7 craft skills, this prompted me to start craftzone.com.ng , an E-learning Platform for afrocentric Craftworks.

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