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My name is Mayowa Adeoti a.k.a websitechic  

A lover of God, wife to a king and mother of two beautiful girls.

I love all things technology …

I am a thought leader in the world of technology and its uses, I specialize in helping small and medium enterprises to leverage the power of technology in running a profitable business.

I have a BSc in Computer Science, an MBA from the University of Lagos and I have undergone several training/certification in the tech and marketing industry.

I have an unusual kind of love for business and technology and this has charted my course over the past 20 years , as i run several businesses  first as a student in the university and later after graduating.

My pursuit of excellence in this 2 fields is what has enabled me today as the best person to offer you the systems you need to run a profitable business online.

I work with Businesses and Individuals to improve technological processes and embrace the productivity that technology has to offer, Covering a unique portfolio of Web Development,Mobile App Development ,  Digital Marketing , Business workflow automation and technical system setup for SMEs.

I deliver, engage my audience and I clear all technology overwhelm

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