How To Make Massive Sales From Your Course Or Coaching Program—No Matter How Cold Your Audience Is

You might have noticed…

It’s getting harder and harder to penetrate and convert cold audiences and hence, you cannot continue to go the traditional way of sales funnels if you want to convert a totally cold audience.

I’m about to show you an effective sales funnel formula that you can apply to convert even the coldest of audiences and make crazy profits from your next digital product or coaching program launch.

Now let’s get down to it, shall we?

What Is This Webinar Sales Funnel Hack?

A webinar sales funnel is quite similar to the traditional sales funnel but instead of a product lead magnet, a free webinar is used as the lead magnet.

Leads are generated when visitors land on your opt-in page and register for your webinar.

Webinars serve as a fantastic way to build credibility and display your expertise in what you offer.

Towards the end of your webinar, you can put forward your paid course or coaching program and direct your guest who would love to get started to a sales page where they can purchase or get more information.

For greater returns, ensure your webinar is straight to the point but also promises a quick win and solves a pressing problem for your customer.


Why Does This Work Effectively?

Young annoyed female character, sceptical face expression

People are bombarded with tons of offers, freebies, lead magnets, and what-nots every day. 

That same lead/prospect you want to convert has been entered into up to 5 sales funnels just like yours. 

And if there is no extra thing that helps you stand out from the competition like a huge social media recognition or industry recognition, it will be very hard to hold your prospect’s attention enough to make the sale.

 That is why the traditional sales funnel system draws you back when you are trying to target your cold audience.

A lot of leads abandon your freebie alongside 10 others they downloaded from other sales funnels that week.

And even if they get to interact with your ebook or free masterclass.

Nothing beats a live webinar where you can easily build trust, interaction, and credibility from a value-packed webinar. 

For a warm audience, your traditional sales funnel might do exceptionally well but for a cold audience, you need to create an immersive interaction opportunity to help them connect with you and build that know-like-trust factor towards you—this is very important.

People only buy from those they trust.

And that is one unique edge, a webinar sales funnel offers you.

Now, do you go running off with the idea and setting off to build your first webinar sales funnel?

No, don’t do that yet.

There are steps and cheat codes you can apply to make your webinar sales funnel an absolute blast and I’ll be sharing them right away.

Number 1 on the list is:

1] Go Hard On Your Lead Generation

Webinar funnels directly automatically mean more leads. I mean…

If you saw a free webinar on how to build your Shopify store or an ebook on how to build your Shopify store.

Which would you prefer?

Of course, you’d go for the webinar.

It is a no-brainer that a webinar funnel would pull in more leads.

Nonetheless, ensure you are getting as many high-quality leads into your funnel as you possibly can. It is both a numbers game and a quality game.

If possible, leverage influencer marketing to organically reach prospects outside your network.

Here’s a case study of how influencer marketing can help change your lead generation strategy.

2) Build Suspense And Interest 

Getting leads to sign up for your webinar is only one piece of the cake. Getting them to attend and attend early is the next hurdle you’d have to cross.

How do you build suspense for your upcoming webinar?

By using an indoctrination email sequence.

An indoctrination sequence is a series of emails that will help sustain the anticipation and build rapport with your audience.

It is not a good habit to abandon your leads after they sign up for your webinar and then suddenly show up on the day of the webinar.

Now, how do you nail your indoctrination sequence?

I’ll be sharing a few tips:

a] Ensure Consistent Communication

Depending on the days between your webinar, ensure consistent communication. Your emails could be every day or every other day or even two days apart depending on the days between the day they opt-in and their webinar date.


b]  Get Personal

A rule of thumb is to include one or two emails that have a personal touch to it where you share your journey, what makes you unique and something interesting that your new leads can comment and relate to.


c] Build Suspense And Anticipation

Use the “hook or bait” method in some of your emails. 

Start off your emails with something that piques their curiosity, dance around it and don’t give out too much information, only enough to make them more curious.

And then promise in-depth details at the upcoming webinar.

Cunny right😈?

Trust me, if you do this well, you’ll leave your leads counting down to the day of your webinar.


d] An Opportunity To Show Social Proof


Your indoctrination emails are also an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and credibility.

But don’t come off too direct.

Use storytelling or talk about a past event and let it lead you into a place where you can comfortably talk about how you helped someone solve a problem they can relate to.

You got that right?

You can also learn more on how to plan your indoctrination email series here.

Now let’s talk about one more important point.


3] Leverage Webinar Replays And Follow-up Emails

A well-optimized webinar attendance rates are usually between 45-60%.

But that doesn’t mean you have to let go of the remaining 40-55%.

People could miss the webinar for different reasons and having a replay link and replay emails will ensure a larger chunk of that remaining 40-55% interact with the webinar recording and increase your overall conversions.

Also, not everyone interested would purchase your paid offer immediately.

A 2-3 days webinar follow-up email sequence to show more value and help your list feel more confident about buying your course or program would help maximize sales.



I trust you got value from all I shared above. I hope you implement it and let me know how it goes. 

All in all, ensure you think like your customer at all times and tailor your content to what you know they’d like to hear and see at every stage of your funnel. 

One more thing, if you know you got value, give this post a thumbs up, and share with someone who might need this as well.