The Ultimate Traffic Generation and Conversion System that have made me and my private clients over 50 million naira in one year alone.

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There is a system for achieving your goal of constant sales of your courses : IT is : 

  1. Generating quality prospects,
  2. keeping the data about these prospects,
  3. and being able to use this data for maximum sales conversion for your courses.

I have used this system for myself and my premium clients over and over again , made tens of millions of naira in sales  and it has not failed me for once …

I have worked with websitechic for about a year now and its been great, the most interesting thing about the team is the diversity. I needed somebody that could take care of the tech side of my business.

Websitechic and her team manages my sales funnel, my processes, automation of my online school, manage our websites and run all my Ads
Founder - Business Lab Africa
In this course,

I will show you the importance of having a sales funnel and how to run ads that will generate quality leads to your funnel and ads that will help you convert this leads to customers in NO TIME.

I have worked and still work with brands like Triciabiz, Olakunle Soriyan & company, Naijabrandchick, Saint Tracy, Sanemind, Gracetoparent and a lots of other brands. They trust me to deliver value to them.

That headline is no joke, and you can experience the same  in your business as well within a short period of time, if you apply everything i will teach in the course.

It can be a pain in the neck when you don’t know how to generate consistent revenue from your online courses after you have spent so much time , money and energy to create the course. I want to help change your story to that of frequent credit alerts …

Websitechic helped me build my email list from 0-3000 quality leads within weeks of working with them.

She also helped create landing pages and facebook ads that helped me launch my High Ticket online course and I was able to get 12 students from the funnel.

She made the whole process seamless and I didn't have to worry about the technicalities of the sales funnel
Ruqoyah Ogunbiyi
Founder - Sanemind

In this Facebook ads course training you will learn;

Introduction to a funnel

  • Sales funnel
  • Ads funnel

Audience targeting

  • Research Cold audience
  • Interest, Demographics & Behaviour: Premium Combination

Ads objectives

  • Which objectives should you be using 
  • Conversion objective: how to 
  • Traffic objective: how to 
  • Video views objectives: how to


  • Setting up events audiences
  • Custom conversion


  • Lead generation ads 
  • Upsell ads
  • Product launch ads
  • Coaching programs ads funnel


  • When to increase your ad budget 
  • When to kill your ads

For this same training, I have charged businesses over 250,000 naira for the implementation of their funnels and Facebook ads.

But… I have made them over 5 million in profits.

I want to now offer it to you, for a fraction of the price, not 150k or even 50k but for the price of 15,500, 

Yes, You heard right!!

I want to offer this training at this price to help you get better at what you do and make insane money from your funnel and ads from just one ad set. 

NGN 15,500

Who am I & why should you listen to me?

Mayowa Adeoti is a Digital Transformation Expert.

She is passionate about helping businesses to leverage the power of technology in running profitable businesses and providing value to their customers.

Covering a unique portfolio of Web Development(Web Application, Mobile Applications,& Websites), Digital Marketing , Ecommerce Automation, Business workflow automation and technical system setup for SMEs, She works with businesses & Individuals to improve technological processes and embrace the productivity that technology has to offer.

Over the past 10 years, she has used her knowledge and skill in deploying Value driven Apps & Marketing systems  across several Industries & cadre, She brings Value to the table, whether you are a conglomerate looking to transform your digital space or a small startup who wants to leverage the power of technology in increasing your profits & delivering value to your customers.

She has deployed several banking applications for some of the top banks in Nigeria and has helped several small businesses to X10 their ROI.

Mayowa Leads a Team of other technical & Marketing Experts at her firm, Marketzone E Services LTD and also serves small business owners and teach them how to run a profitable online campaign through her instagram handle @websitechic

There are two options on the table

  1. Do absolutely nothing and continue to struggle with selling your online courses 
  2. Try and use google to teach you how to set up the systems , it can be frustrating and non conclusive though and it takes away a lot of valuable time and resources from you 

Oh wait …. It’s actually 3 Options

Follow the rules I have tested and retested and systemized for coaches and trainers like you,…And become better at your game…. And start waking up to credit alerts.

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