I Have Spent The Last 10 Years Building High-converting Sales Funnels And Helping Several Amazing Coaches Like You Make 6,7 Figures Selling Their Knowledge And Impacting Others.

Coaches. Course Creators and Trainers…

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Imagine Never Having To Map Out Your Sales Funnel From Scratch Again.

Imagine Never Having To Map Out Your Sales Funnel From Scratch Again.

If you can have a well-mapped funnel containing all the ingredients for conversion arranged in the right order…75% of your sales funnel is sorted.

And guess what? I’ve taken care of that.

The most popular funnel that every Coach or Course creator must have running on evergreen to sell any kind of product has been carefully mapped out into:
✔ funnel flow diagrams so you can copy and paste your way to deep profits…
✔ A detailed walkthrough video so that even a caveman can use this effortlessly.
✔ You get it absolutely free!

These funnel flow diagrams are the same blueprint I have used repeatedly to not just help my clients but also my digital agency sell hundreds of thousands worth of products and services.

Does This Describe You?

You have this amazing knowledge that can transform people’s lives for the better but you feel dissatisfied because it is not reaching enough people.

✔ You want more people to get to know about you and your brand so they can get a taste of the transformation you give to your current clients.

✔ You believe you can do so much more but you are confused and overwhelmed because you don’t know what to do, how to do it or the tools and resources you need to do it.

I understand how you feel.

Maybe you already even have an idea of the process you need to put in place but getting all the tech aspects to work seamlessly has really been a headache and you are looking for help.

If you resonate with me on any of these, then I’m the right person to talk to about your business

What Happens The Moment You Schedule Your Free STRATEGY Session?

Step 1: Schedule your free strategy session now to see if we really have what it takes to take your business to the moon.

Step 2: During the call, I’ll use the information provided to design a CUSTOM MARKETING CAMPAIGN that is specific to your business (worth $100 at a minimum but you get this free).

Step 3: You are thrilled with the blueprint that you ask to become a client Immediately!

Step 4: The Launch – We will launch your funnel and conduct a thorough analysis to make sure everything is in place and get all the sales that we can get.

Step 5: Get Rich And Wealthy – Sit back and watch your business run on autopilot through the power of marketing automation that helps you earn even while you sleep!


My name is Mayowa Adeoti and I’m popularly called websitechic in the online space.

I am a sales funnel expert and I lead a team of other experts at my company, Websitechic Digital Agency.

I have worked with several notable trainers and coaches like you. I have helped them to scale their businesses by at least tripling their sales within a few weeks of working with me.

For example, Websitechic Digital Agency is the team;

Behind the funnel building, management, and traffic generation for the first launch of the popular course “Monetize Your Knowledge” by Coach Triciabiz who is a popular coach in Nigeria and yes, this course did over $100,000 during its first launch.

Or a money literacy company MONEY AFRICA – selling a low entry course on the stock market. We built her a funnel that generated $6000 within a few days.

Wherever you are in the process of scaling your training & coaching business, I know exactly what to do for your business to help you move to the next level.

What you need to move to your next level is:


I will leave you to decide whether you want to work with my team or not …
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Having professional support will SAVE you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars burnt on avoidable mistakes when you’re doing it all yourself through trial and error


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